Lip Blush is an innovative cosmetic lip shading tattooing technique from the soft and natural colors that resemble a lip tint to a complete lipstick effect. Lip blushing recreates lost definition, brightens pale lips, or makes dark lips 2 shades lighter with a peachy tone.

What Is Lip Blush?

With this gentle technique, we can achieve a stronger definition around the lip line and graduate color towards the center of the lips. It is important to choose a shade that looks subtle and natural, usually two tones darker or a tone lighter than the client's natural lip color subtle and natural shade. Subtle colors can always be refreshed over time. The color retention is different and depends on a client’s skin, lifestyle, and proper aftercare.

How Long Lip Blushing Last

Lip Blush results typically, should last between 3-5 years, Some factors like your age, level of physical activity, metabolism, and sun exposure can affect how long the color lasts. We recommend an annual color boost procedure after 18 months but if you decide not to do a touch-up, it will begin to fade gradually.

Lip Blush lasts for 3-5 years , depending on skin type, health, and lifestyle.

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3 hours CA$450(Touch up not included)