Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique similar to eyebrows tattooing but applying advanced tools and pigments. It is done manually, by using a tool which looks like a blade consisting of 10-12 tiny needles, and specially created pigments.The blade delicately scratches the surface of the skin, much like a paper cut, mimicking the hair strokes so realistically. Once the eyebrows are ‘mapped’ the microblading pigment is gently inserted into the scratches, making them look like genuine hairs. The entire process gives the brow a thicker, fuller and more natural look. Unlike tattooed eyebrows, which go even seven layers deep into the skin, microblading require only two layers. The purpose of microblading is to enhance what you naturally have and the final result is natural-looking trendy eyebrows.

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2 hours CA$350(Touch up not included)